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Who We Are

Founded in 2014 in Siem Reap, Kambio nature is a French family-owned company, committed to the preservation of the environment while creating organic cosmetics and aromatherapy products in a sustainable and responsible approach.

Our products are entirely handmade in Cambodia and produced in small batches. We are committed to providing high quality, affordable organic products that are handmade at every stage of the process: preparation, filling, labeling and packaging.


Our Family Story

A mother who has been in love with nature and its benefits for a long time. Natural products are the healthiest and most affordable!

An adventurous dad in love with the magic of plants, roots, flowers,… all over the world. A chef who left his kitchen for a garden and distills the best elixir of nature.

I am their daughter, since I was young I didn’t pay attention to the products I used on my skin. Then I had a child and it just clicked! I couldn’t believe that even the baby products were dangerous… For several years now I haven’t been using products that are toxic to my skin! Today, I want to share the benefits of the organic beauty routine with the younger generation because it is never too late to respect our bodies and their simple needs!

Kambio nature is a family love affair. A love of Cambodia and its vast and luminous nature.We have created this line of hygienic and beautiful skin care products out of love and to offer the best of nature. To make nature as simple as possible and affordable for everyone.

We wanted to create a brand with a humble sustainable conscience

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