Indian Rose | Essential Oil (10ml)

Rose essential oil has a sensual aroma that allures you to its high-frequency notes, creating a peaceful, loving, and nurturing environment at home and setting the mood for romance. Antidepressant and sedative properties, Rose essential oil can help ease our way through mood changes as well as maintain a regular menstrual cycle and help relieve cramping. With many skincare benefits, Rose oil can be use in a face or body oil

  • Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena
  • Origin: India
  • Processing method: Steam Distilled

For thousands of years, Roses have had an unparalleled association with love, beauty, indulgence, celebration, and spiritual worship. The privileged status of Roses in society has given rise to its well-deserved moniker as the world’s ‘Queen of Flowers’. The origin of the Rose species Rosa damascena remains somewhat of a mystery; some historians believe it lies in Damascus, Syria’s capital and the oldest city is known as the ‘Pearl of the East’. Others, however, believe its botanical roots lie in historic Persia (now Iran). In the 1600s, a merchant from Turkey is thought to have brought the wide-scale cultivation of Rosa damascena to Bulgaria.

Rose oil has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure and arrhythmia of the heart as well as act as a protective against gastrointestinal ulceration.

Mood improver, specifically for anxiety and depression
Libido booster
Can fight acne and boost skin health with potential anti-aging benefits
Offers relief for painful periods in women
Use as a natural perfume that is free of health hazardous synthetic scents

Face massage: Add 1 drop of Rose oil in 5ml carrier oil and gently massage in.

Steam Treatment: For face, add 2 drops of Rose essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot water. Place your face close to the bowl and cover the back of your head and bowl with a towel to trap the aromatic vapours. Caution due to risk of burns or scalding and keep eyes covered during treatment.

Libido booster massage: Diffuse it, or apply 2 to 3 drops topically to your neck and chest. Combine rose oil with a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut or olive for a libido-boosting therapeutic massage.

Relaxing Bath: Add up to 5 drops of Rose essential oil in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere while nourishing your skin.

Relaxing Shower: Add 2-3 drops of Rose essential oil to the corner of the shower and enjoy the benefits of steam inhalation.

Quick fix: A few deep inhalations from the bottle can help when you are at work, in the car or anytime you need a quick break.

– Do not use during the first three months of pregnancy and breastfeeding, or in children under 6 years of age.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– As an indication, always test the application of your preparation, in the elbow, at least 48 hours before using it.
– Some natural compounds contained in this essential oil contains allergenic substances such as: limonene, linalool, citral (geranial and neral), geraniol.
– Do not use the essential oil directly on the skin or hair without having mixed it well with an appropriate carrier oil.
– Please do not use the essential oil directly on the skin or hair without blending it well with a suitable carrier oil.

WARNING: These properties, indications and methods of use are taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy. This informations are given for informative purposes, they do not represent any medical advice, or involve our responsibility. For any use in a therapeutic purpose, consult a doctor.




Essential Oil | Indian Rose | 10ml | Kambio Nature


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