We Aimed To Create A Brand With A Humble And Sustainable Consciousness...

Commitments kambio nature
for your skin and wellness

Just nature is enough

Our commitments at KAMBIO NATURE is to offer you sustainable, organic alternative beauty care, wellness products made in Cambodia. Nature contains everything your skin could need: active ingredients, vitamins, anti-oxidants, micronutrients, etc. For this reason, we only use organic or natural derived ingredients and, whenever possible, we source our raw materials from Cambodia or the closest possible country in order to also minimize our carbon footprint.

In our small production / labo facility in Phnom Penh, we develop skin and hair care products specially adapted to the daily needs and to each individual skin type. We also create aromatherapy products to make your inner world a little easier.

Since 2012 we distill a wide range of essential oils from the wonderful aromatic treasures of Cambodia

Organic formula from
the very first day

Far from simply sliding on the wave of a trend, since the creation of the company we have been committed to providing clean, responsible and above all high quality organic skincare and aromatherapy products

Since 2014, we have been developing our skills and savoir-faire in organic cosmetics, following strict European guidelines to guarantee our transparency, but above all, that it is understood and appreciated by those who are most important to us: you!

Organic, Effective, Affordable
really? YES

You are probably wondering, Are we using high quality raw materials? Are we working with fair trade standards? OF COURSE WE DO ! We simply make the choice to give you the best quality at a real price.


It is all part of our philosophy and our strong commitment to you: we make our products accessible to everyone. We all deserve the best care and we want all communities to be able to afford high quality products for their skin and well-being.

Commitments kambio nature
Commitments kambio nature 2
for the Environment!

Support Local Economy

To save resources and contribute towards protecting the environment and reducing carbon footprint, we buy the necessary raw materials, label printing, packaging etc… from regional suppliers where possible. It is important to us to create a loop inside Cambodia to highlight the country as much as possible!

Step by step, more smiles,
less waste!

We often hear the same speeches and slogans over and over again, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or what our real impact would be on a global scale. It is important to say that we are not superheroes but step by step we can do it, by bringing more sustainable solutions, respectful for the environment.

By providing refill solutions for skincare products, we spread awareness regarding the importance of avoiding single-use plastic bottles in our daily lives. At kambio nature we provide a wide range of sustainable alternatives as we want you to make the right choices, check out our selection of refills.

We love the earth and do our best to preserve it. It is essential for us to offer alternatives for a better future. That’s why we always choose recyclable and reusable containers. No waste in our production. We produce in small batches because we want to preserve high quality but also to avoid waste!

European Guideline & Biodegradable

Kambio nature products are made exclusively from natural ingredients or natural derived ingredients and are 100% biodegradable, which means that even if you take a shower in the waterfalls of Phnom Kulen with Kambio nature shower gels, it will not damage nature or its natural ecosystem.


Be assured that Kambio products are safe for you and your family. We follow strict European guidelines in all our formulations, laboratory testing and we are currently undergoing ISO GMP certification.

Commitments kambio nature 2
Commitments kambio nature angkor wat
for Cambodia,
Kingdom of Wonders !

Made in Cambodia !

All the production line of our factory-laboratory is located in Phnom Penh! From plant to oil, research to formulas, filling to labeling, every aspect of our products is made on Khmer soil! We also source our cardboard packaging, labels and printers all from Cambodia! Our essential oil distillation is located in Siem reap in our small farm! We are always looking to work with companies/suppliers working for and in Cambodia!


Did you know? In Cambodia we have an amazing mineral water: EAU KULEN (located about 40km from Siem Reap Angkor city) and we use it in our Face & Body Toners!

A human-centered business
on a human scale

Far from being a cosmetics giant, kambio nature’s small team is as friendly as it is hardworking. We are a team of 13 women and 2 men invested in a beautiful project, anchored by the belief that teamwork, listening, and respect to each other is the fabric that ties a business together. We believe that everyone in the team is as important as the other and we love to make little staff parties whenever we can!

Beyond all, we are committed...
to listening to you!

More than just a commitment, the relationship between you and us is fundamental! We are inspired and nourished by the relationship we share with our consumers to constantly improve. Because we create products that are truly important to you and your well-being.

Please feel free to share your feedback on our website, whether it’s good or bad (although we’d prefer it to be good, if we’re being honest.) (Joke!) (or not).

Commitments kambio nature angkor wat

Leaving a greener environment and greener practices for the next generation to come.

To be a vehicle of consciousness in the global market place by creating a wellness and sustainable company model that inspires, promotes and supports true well being and respect for all beings.

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